Like most things in life, I got hyperfocused ont this site and then abandoned it for an unknown amount of time. Well I'm back! I have a craving to redo the whole thing but for now I will try to stick to expanding and updating what I have currently :)

My first blog post!~ I'm very excited to start working on this website. I've been very interested in web design ever since 1999 when I was styling my neopets shop LOL. Lately my experience on the internet has been feeling less creative, less self-expressive. Everything is bombarded with ads, or is an ad. I feel constrained by the parameters of current websites. I miss my youth where I spent my free time on places like Piczo, Angelfire, Livejournal, and Myspace where I could customize my spaces to my hearts content. I'm so glad I found neocities! I hope to keep creating, improving my coding, improving my art skills, and having fun :)