Gudetama is a cute little egg character who is known for being lazy. They were created by AMY (Nagashima Emi) and were debuted by Sanrio in 2013. Gudetama became quite popular with Millenials as they were seen as relatable (tired of this world...).

Name ぐでたま(Gudetama). Derived from ぐでぐで (GudeGude) an expression said to evoke laziness and a lack of energy, and たまご (Tamago) which means Egg.
Gender Genderless
Birthday According to Gudetama's official Sanrio profile, their birthday is "everyday". I believe this is because in the Sanrio Universe, Gudetama can appear randomly at any time when one is cooking with eggs (they're possessing eggs?? hehehehe).
Apperance A cute and rotund raw egg. The main body is the yolk, which is a deep yellow-orange colour. The yolk feautures Gudetama's typical apathetic facial expressions, 4 droopy limbs, and a distinctive butt crack. Gudetama is usually shown laying on their egg white as if it were a blanket. Gudetama also is shown as varying types of animal eggs, and different cooking styles. These visual variations usually impact the personality of Gudetama as well (for example, the hard-boiled variation of Gudetama is often depicted as mean and harsh!)
Cool Facts -AMY was inspired to create Gudetama when she was preparing dinner one night while using an egg. She noted that the yolk seemed cute because of its droopy demeanor. She related the appearance of the egg to the tiredness of todays youth. Sanrio's original plan was to market Gudetama's character to pre-adolescent youth, but much like AMY's original inspiration, the character spoke greatly to Millenials, who viewed Gudetama's attitude towards modern day life very relatable.

-Gudetama has over 1 million followers on Twitter, more than any other Sanrio character, including Hello Kitty.

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